Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Taking the plunge

So, here it goes... I'm starting our family blog. I have been planning to start blogging since my sweet daughter, Lottie, was born almost 5 months ago but for many reasons I have put it off until now. My first excuse was that I was just too busy (very true), next was that I couldn't come up with a clever title (also true)...and that brings me to now. I actually created this blog with the help of my precious sister in law almost 2 weeks ago and I have delayed posting with the new excuse that I just didn't know what to write. I'm still not sure I have anything worth reading to say, but I'm tired of having this on my to do list and I guess you have to start somewhere...who cares if it is "perfect" right? So, here it is, my first post.

Why am I blogging? I'm still trying to decide exactly why but there are several reasons I have come up with:

1) It just seems like the "mom" thing to do. I'm a new mom and I'm really into doing this mommy thing and all that comes with it so here I am.
2) Our family and most of our friends are far away and a blog is a great way to update everyone on exciting events in the life of a family without having to send long emails with picture attachments that take forever to upload
3) My wonderful husband, Micah, thinks that it is a great way for people who know us best and care for us the most to see their impact on our lives and hopefully if they read this blog enough they'll be able to see their lasting impact on our lives
4) My mom loves my sister in law's blogs (as well as several others) so I decided to throw my small family into the mix of her daily blog checks, and lastly...
5) I have been blessed with a pretty amazing life! I have a wonderful husband who loves me more than I deserve, our daughter is the most precious gift and brings so much joy to our lives, and most importantly we have an amazing Savior who saved us from our sinfulness and gave us this abundant life with promise of eternity with Him! I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to share...and if my sharing can bring anyone encouragement or joy then praise to the Father!

I don't know what this blog will look like or how often posts will appear but those decisions will have to be made later. This post must come to an end as it is after 10pm and I have a wiggly, wide eyed little girl who needs help getting to sleep! On a side note--sleep is super important tonight because this little girl needs her rest...she has her first school pictures tomorrow (how stinkin adorable is that?!)

So, here it is...the first blog post of the Messersmith family blog! Welcome!!