Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

As 2010 comes to a close Micah and I were talking today about all of the events and moments that made our year great! As we reflect on our year we are reminded of the Lord's faithfulness and provisions as well as His rich love for us!

My friend Sharon did a top 10 for the year and I decided I would steal her idea. 2010 was an amazing year in many ways for our family but here are our Top 10:

10.Weekend getaway to Greensboro in September: I had an Audiology conference that I attended for work. The conference was a 2 day event in Greensboro which is about 2 hours away at a nice hotel. Instead of leaving Lottie and Micah for a night I invited them to join me! We had so much fun as a little mini-vacation for our family!

9. NC State Fair: I feel like the NC State Fair might make our families top 10 list every year! I've already blogged about it in detail but it is truly one of our FAVORITE parts of living in NC! What a fun "family date"

8. Memorial day weekend with Dad: Memorial Day weekend my dad was able to come up and stay for a few days! We had the best time--Lottie was a fun age and happy, we got her amazing 4 month pictures made, and we had a really yummy family cookout.

7. Auburn Football Success... I don't think I even need to explain this one..but we sure have had fun this football season!

6. Finding out we are going to have a niece or nephew! Will and Bekah announced in April that they are adopting a sweet baby from Ethiopia! We have so enjoyed watching them go through the process and we are anxiously waiting on the arrival of this sweet new addition to our family!

5. Moving to a new house: We were so lucky to be able to move into a new house this year...a much bigger house with the same amazing landlords!

4. Our new church: During the summer we joined New Covenant Fellowship. What a blessing this new family has already been to our family!

3. Micah got a new job: In March Micah was promoted to a full time position at the Seminary as an assistant registrar! This promotion was a huge provision for our family!

2. Celebrating 5 years of marriage by a hot air balloon ride: In July, Micah and I celebrated our 5th anniversary! One of my dreams has always been to ride in a hot air balloon and Micah made it happen! We spent nearly an entire hour a mile in the air in a colorful balloon!! We had a blast!

1. January 15, 2010: The birth of our sweet sweet baby girl! I can't describe how much we love her and I can't imagine our family without her! 2010 was full of joy as we have watched her grow from a tiny 5lb baby into a silly 11 month old full of energy. She is such a delight as she toddles around our home and giggles and smiles her way into our hearts! We began 2010 with her entrance into the world and the rest of the year followed bringing a year full of blessings!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Portraits

Here is the link to Lottie's Christmas portraits we had made!! As Lottie's sweet and silly personality is blooming she is becoming more and more fun to get pics of!! We were pleased with the results!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

White Christmas

If you haven't heard, we had a WHITE Christmas in Alabama! I can remember only about 3 times my entire 18 years of living at home that it ever snowed....I can also, clearly remember that many Christmas mornings I was disappointed getting dressed because it was too warm to wear my new sweaters!! Well, not only did it snow on Christmas day in Alabama (it was the first white Christmas since the weather services starting documenting over 100 years ago!) but it snowed A LOT!! It started snowing Christmas morning around 6 am (yes we were already up) and really didn't let up until Sunday morning. We ended up with about 5 inches--not a lot on many people's scales but in Alabama that is a blizzard!

Our family didn't love the snow because it interfered with our Christmas tradition of driving to Birmingham and spending the day with my mom's parents and family. We were still able to make it (by driving slowly) but we weren't able to stay more than a few hours which was disappointing. But, even with the headache, the snow was pretty and we were able to snap a few pictures to document the historic event!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Memories

We had an amazing Christmas this year! We began the celebrations with our own little families' exchange of gifts the Saturday before Christmas. Micah and I began this tradition when we got married so we could have special Christmas time together before we head to Alabama to celebrate with everyone else! This time was especially special this year with Lottie and all of her gifts! She most enjoyed her glow worm, and her xylaphone, but the pony is becoming a favorite! I gave Micah the gifts of Date Nights: Project 52 (more to come on this later) and a photobook of our honeymoon. I receieved a gift certificate for a pedicure--some much needed "mommy" time!

We were able to have a few days off of work and head to Alabama on Wednesday night to spend Christmas with our families. Lottie was AMAZING in the car for the 10 hour drive and we had a wonderful time with our families! We spent Christmas Eve with the Messersmith's and Christmas Day with the McGee's! Lottie was of course spoiled (and so were we) and we were once again reminded of how blessed we are to have such loving and supportive families!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Messersmith family! We hope that your holiday season is off to a wonderful start and you and your family are staying warm and healthy! What a wonderful year our family has had! In January we welcomed with joy sweet Lottie Elaine into the world! Despite 5 years of dreaming and 9 months of preparing for her arrival we were far from prepared for the joy she would bring!

Lottie is 11 months old now and we are full of excitement as we begin to plan for her first birthday! She is full of laughter and smiles and is such a delight! She is walking now and into everything! We love watching her learn and try new things and we are so blessed and honored to be trusted with her!

Micah continues to study at Southeastern Seminary and is now at the halfway point on his Masters of Divinity Degree! Even with new challenges and responsibilities at home he has been faithful and diligent in his schoolwork and he continues to enjoy his classes and time at the seminary. In March, he was promoted to a full time position in the office where he was already employed! This promotion has been a huge blessing for our family and again we are thankful for the Lord’s provisions and perfect timing.

I (Haley) continue to enjoy my job as an audiologist at Mann ENT but love my new job as a mommy even more! I was worried that after 3 months of maternity leave I wouldn’t want to go back to work, but thankfully it wasn’t nearly as hard as I anticipated. I am still thankful to work with fun ladies and I am always grateful to enjoy what I do! I am thankful that my patients enjoy seeing pictures of Lottie because I am always anxious to show them off! My new mommy role is the best and most challenging journey I have ever embarked on. I never knew I could love so much, feel so deeply, give so much, sleep so little, and think so hard! Despite the long hours and never ending chore list I love every aspect of being Lottie’s mommy!

With Micah and I both at work during the day, we obviously had to find care for Lottie. The Lord again proved himself faithful by providing us with a wonderful daycare facility that is staffed by precious women who truly love our daughter! Lottie has never once cried when we left her and has been so well taken care of! We love hanging the crafts and paintings she brings home on our refrigerator and Micah and I both jump on any opportunity to be apart of any of her “school” activities.

Another exciting update is that in June we joined a new church family! After 2 years of wonderful fellowship at another church in the area Micah felt the Lord leading us to be apart of a local church plant, New Covenant Fellowship! We have been blessed to be welcomed into such a warm and supportive community. By November, Micah was recruited to help with the sound/technical aspects of the church (which he loves) and we gladly took on the open youth ministry position! We love being apart of this body and we are thrilled to be working with teenagers again!

So, again we are so very blessed! We have had an amazing year of new life and new roles! We continue to enjoy the Lord’s grace and love towards us and we are daily challenged to live out that gospel in our home and to the world! This Christmas season we recognize more than ever what a sacrifice the Lord made by sending His Son on our behalf! As new parents we cannot fathom sending our child as a sacrifice for others, but we are thankful the Father did so for us! We hope you and your family take time this season to remember how much you are loved…not only by the Father, but also by the Messersmith’s! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

11 Months

Its me Lottie again! I'm 11 months old today!!! This has been a big month for me and I am anxious to tell you about it:
  • I AM WALKING NOW! I'm not just kinda walking or a little walking...I'm really walking! I started walking about 2 weeks ago. I just woke up one day and decided I was tired of crawling! I sure do have a better view of the world now!
  • I still weigh about 19lbs...maybe 20 but mommy says I'm definitely getting longer!
  • I'm just starting to wear my 12 month clothes--I like new clothes! Every time mommy gets me dressed she says "oooh weeee...what a pretty girl!"
  • I mostly eat exactly what mom and dad eat now. I had a great Thanksgiving dinner! I eat spaghetti, vegetables, chicken, pasta, and this month I even tried pizza, chicken nuggets, and a hamburger!! Daddy he said he felt like a horrible parent for feeding me those things but my big smile made him feel better! Mommy said that it is ok as long as we just eat those things as treats!
  • Mommy only nurses me at bedtime now and there have been a few nights where she has been away and I went to bed on my own! I am such a big girl!
  • I wore my first hair bow this month! I still don't have a lot of hair but my Granna found me some little bows and I sure feel pretty when I wear them!
  • I didn't really learn any new words this month but I say the words I know all the time, especially "mama!"
  • My new favorite thing to do is pull everything out of the cabinets and play in the kitchen. Mommy gives me a spoon and a pot lid while she cooks and I make beautiful music!
  • I point to things now to show mommy what I like and want.
  • I have learned how to imitate and I will pick up anything that might look like a cell phone and put it to my ear and jabber away! I see mommy and daddy on the phone all the time!
  • I had my first stomach bug this month. I felt terrible and mommy had to stay home with me. She snuggled me all day and said that it was the saddest thing.
  • I love to play with my toys and I love books! I don't mind to play by myself but when I do I sing and talk to myself to make it more fun!
  • I get to play in the toddler room at school for a few hours a day now! I like playing with the big kids! They have fun toys and they get to go to the playground! Miss Michelle says that I get to move up for good when I turn one!
  • I like school! We do fun things! This month I painted mommy a pumpkin-I got to stick my hands in orange paint and squish them around! And, I made her a really cute turkey out of my hand! She loves them and they hang on our refrigerator!
  • I got to ride in my first parade last week! My daycare had a float and we rode throwing candy and saying "Merry Christmas." It was fun but it sure was cold!!
  • Next week is my first Christmas! I don't really understand everything yet but I sure like our tree and the ornaments and mommy says I will like the food and the toys! I am excited to go to Alabama and see my family and friends but first I get to go to a Birthday party for Jesus at my school!
  • Next month is my first Birthday! Mommy says she can't believe I am growing up so fast and that she could never imagine going back to a life without me!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas is Here!!!

We kicked off the Christmas season last Sunday by putting up our Christmas tree and decorating the house!
I was nervous about Lottie getting into the tree because she is into EVERYTHING but so far so good! She was really sweet seeing the tree for the first time-we decorated it while she was taking a nap-she just kept staring at it! What fun-we are so excited to see Christmas through her eyes this year!!