Wednesday, December 29, 2010

White Christmas

If you haven't heard, we had a WHITE Christmas in Alabama! I can remember only about 3 times my entire 18 years of living at home that it ever snowed....I can also, clearly remember that many Christmas mornings I was disappointed getting dressed because it was too warm to wear my new sweaters!! Well, not only did it snow on Christmas day in Alabama (it was the first white Christmas since the weather services starting documenting over 100 years ago!) but it snowed A LOT!! It started snowing Christmas morning around 6 am (yes we were already up) and really didn't let up until Sunday morning. We ended up with about 5 inches--not a lot on many people's scales but in Alabama that is a blizzard!

Our family didn't love the snow because it interfered with our Christmas tradition of driving to Birmingham and spending the day with my mom's parents and family. We were still able to make it (by driving slowly) but we weren't able to stay more than a few hours which was disappointing. But, even with the headache, the snow was pretty and we were able to snap a few pictures to document the historic event!

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