Wednesday, December 15, 2010

11 Months

Its me Lottie again! I'm 11 months old today!!! This has been a big month for me and I am anxious to tell you about it:
  • I AM WALKING NOW! I'm not just kinda walking or a little walking...I'm really walking! I started walking about 2 weeks ago. I just woke up one day and decided I was tired of crawling! I sure do have a better view of the world now!
  • I still weigh about 19lbs...maybe 20 but mommy says I'm definitely getting longer!
  • I'm just starting to wear my 12 month clothes--I like new clothes! Every time mommy gets me dressed she says "oooh weeee...what a pretty girl!"
  • I mostly eat exactly what mom and dad eat now. I had a great Thanksgiving dinner! I eat spaghetti, vegetables, chicken, pasta, and this month I even tried pizza, chicken nuggets, and a hamburger!! Daddy he said he felt like a horrible parent for feeding me those things but my big smile made him feel better! Mommy said that it is ok as long as we just eat those things as treats!
  • Mommy only nurses me at bedtime now and there have been a few nights where she has been away and I went to bed on my own! I am such a big girl!
  • I wore my first hair bow this month! I still don't have a lot of hair but my Granna found me some little bows and I sure feel pretty when I wear them!
  • I didn't really learn any new words this month but I say the words I know all the time, especially "mama!"
  • My new favorite thing to do is pull everything out of the cabinets and play in the kitchen. Mommy gives me a spoon and a pot lid while she cooks and I make beautiful music!
  • I point to things now to show mommy what I like and want.
  • I have learned how to imitate and I will pick up anything that might look like a cell phone and put it to my ear and jabber away! I see mommy and daddy on the phone all the time!
  • I had my first stomach bug this month. I felt terrible and mommy had to stay home with me. She snuggled me all day and said that it was the saddest thing.
  • I love to play with my toys and I love books! I don't mind to play by myself but when I do I sing and talk to myself to make it more fun!
  • I get to play in the toddler room at school for a few hours a day now! I like playing with the big kids! They have fun toys and they get to go to the playground! Miss Michelle says that I get to move up for good when I turn one!
  • I like school! We do fun things! This month I painted mommy a pumpkin-I got to stick my hands in orange paint and squish them around! And, I made her a really cute turkey out of my hand! She loves them and they hang on our refrigerator!
  • I got to ride in my first parade last week! My daycare had a float and we rode throwing candy and saying "Merry Christmas." It was fun but it sure was cold!!
  • Next week is my first Christmas! I don't really understand everything yet but I sure like our tree and the ornaments and mommy says I will like the food and the toys! I am excited to go to Alabama and see my family and friends but first I get to go to a Birthday party for Jesus at my school!
  • Next month is my first Birthday! Mommy says she can't believe I am growing up so fast and that she could never imagine going back to a life without me!!