Monday, September 13, 2010

The Isham Family!

Micah and I are so thankful to have Lindsey and JR Isham here with us in NC! The Lord has used this family to provide for us in so many ways so I thought they deserved a blog post!! It is amazing how the Lord orchestrates our lives so that we meet people and have experiences that will prepare us for his plans in the future.

Lindsey and I first met our freshmen year of college at a mission trip in Destin, FL. She was a student at UT and I was at Ole Miss. We were both involved in Campus Crusade for Christ and both in sororities at our respect universities. Through the ministry of Crusade and the Lord working in our lives, we both had desires to see our greek friends experience the gospel-this desire led us to a mission training called "Greek Summit." We lived together at the beach for 3 weeks as we took classes on sharing the gospel with our friends.

Two summers later we "met" again-this time at Camp Greystone! Camp Greystone is a christian summer camp for girls and Lindsey and I were both counselors-what a fun experience! After our summer at camp, Facebook became big and Lindsey and I kept up with each other through the online social network. Three years later, when Micah and I were praying about moving to NC for seminary I saw on facebook that Lindsey and her husband JR were in Wake Forest at the seminary. I was excited to at least have a contact in the area and emailed her for info on the area, seminary, etc. Before I knew it, we were here visiting, staying with the Isham's--they were super welcoming and helped us plan our move. It was through Lindsey and JR that we found a nice place to rent and make several friends! Micah got to know JR while we visited and when we finally moved JR helped Micah get a job at the seminary with him. The boys became almost instant best friends and our friendship with this family continued to be such a blessing!

We have had so much fun with Lindsey and JR. The boys are hilarious together and sometimes get each other in trouble! Moving to a new place is scary and Lindsey has been such a friend to me and helped me through the adjustment, welcoming me into her circle of friends! You can see from the pictures that we have so many fun memories with Lindsey and JR! Lindsey and I shared an 80's Birthday party together, we all visited the pumpkin patch, we dressed like fools at the tacky Christmas party, etc! What fun times!

We were able to be at the hospital when their son Griffin was born and they were among the first people that found out that we were pregnant with Lottie and then they stayed until well after midnight to meet her the night she was born!

With babies and busy schedules we don't always get to spend as much time with the Isham's as we once did but we love the times we do get to be together and we are now enjoying watching Griffin and Lottie develop a fun relationship! We call them "boyfriend/girlfriend" and love to watch them play together!

So, we are thankful for the Isham's! Through this family, the Lord has provided housing, jobs, encouragement, friendship and so much more!!

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  1. aw Haley! You are too sweet! We love yall so much too and continue to be thankful God brought you to us. Thank you for making my day with this post :)