Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm a Terrible Blogger

So, I'm a terrible blogger! As I stated in the last post-one of my reasons for not blogging is that I really don't have time! I know excuses excuses but I am now amazed at the women and moms that have time to blog several times a week! I am lucky to get 15 minutes on the computer a week these days and blogging has not been
a priority! But, I'm going to try and do better in coming days!

Our summer has been CRAZY busy and things finally seem to be slowing down with the close of summer! I am happy this morning to still be in my PJs at 11am and have no plans other than a quick tax free diaper run to make this afternoon! Lottie is sleeping and Micah is working on a bookshelf for Lottie so I am taking advantage of this time to be lazy and do NOTHING for the first time in 2 months!

So, much has been taking place in our lives these days and it would take forever to blog about it all so, here are some pictures to update you on the Messersmith summer:

The summer started with an amazing Memorial Day/Weekend with a visit from my dad and a fun family cookout with Will and Bekah! That weekend was followed by an interesting and eventful long weekend home in Alabama and then a weekend visit from my mom. After that, moving began and moving is not an easy task with a 6 month old! This is how I spent most of my "moving" time!

Moving was exhausting and daunting BUT we never could have done it if it weren't for my amazing in-laws who came and worked so hard to help us move during the 4th of July weekend! We are so thankful for them!!

Moving didn't stop Micah and I from celebrating our 5 year anniversary! We celebrated a mile in the sky with a hot air balloon ride!! SO FUN!

And, on July 15, Lottie turned 6 months old!! We celebrated by giving her a wagon that was given to us by Micah's wonderful Aunt Linda! Lottie loves it and wagon rides are now an exciting part of our daily routine!!
We finally settled in our new house as July came to a close and my parents came up for a wonderful visit! After spending a few days with us in NC, we all headed to Myrtle Beach for a weekend getaway! Lottie was able to see the ocean for the first time and we had a blast just hanging out with family!

And, finally, the summer ended last weekend with a very successful yard sale for my sweet brother and sister-in-law to help raise money for their adoption! This was a fun event and we are so excited about our precious niece or nephew on the way!!

So, that is our summer, our very busy summer! We did all of this on top of work and life with our precious 6 month old! We are now enjoying a break and gearing up for hopefully a relaxing fall!! And, maybe with a few less activities and trips on our schedule I'll be better about blogging!! We will see!

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