Monday, August 30, 2010

Pure Joy!!!

So, I have yet to blog in detail about our precious precious baby girl, Lottie. That is because Micah asked me to please avoid making every post about her (despite the fact that she is almost ALL I think about!) So, I've done good until now but as the princess of our household she deserves her time in the spotlight!!

What a joy this precious baby girl is! She is 7 1/2 months old now and I fall more in love with her every day! Each night when I lay her in her crib I think that there is no way I can love her more...but each morning when I lift her out of bed I love her even more than the day before! Being Lottie's mommy is the best job and I love love love every second and every aspect of it!

Here is a list of our daily excitements:
  • Lottie has 4 teeth now: her two bottom teeth and her top two fangs! Seriously- her top middle teeth haven't come in yet but her side teeth have! She looks like a little vampire!
  • She is full on eating solids and LOVES to eat. She eats oatmeal with a fruit for breakfast, yogurt and 1/4 a bagel for snacks during the day, and rice with 2 veggies at night.
  • She is feeding herself "puffs" (cheerio type treats)
  • She is drinking juice from a sippy cup
  • She sleeps 10 hours most nights
  • She splashes in the bathtub and loves loves loves bath time
  • She can crawl backwards--not quite forward yet
  • She is trying to pull up
  • She laughs and squeals almost constantly
  • She loves her toys and loves to play
  • Her smile is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!!

Again, I LOVE being this little girls mommy! Lately I have been overwhelmed with how quickly she is growing up. I love watching her learn new things and grow but at the same time it makes me sad! I find myself tearing up as I watch her feed herself cheerios or drink from a sippy cup! I just wish I could freeze her and keep her little and safe always. But, Micah reminded me yesterday that she isn't here for me and that while she does bring us great joy-there is a greater purpose for her life and I have to let her embrace her independence and develop into the person the Lord has made her to be! I have been trying to make more of an effort to enjoy this stage and soak up each moment with "baby Lottie" because I know that these days are fleeting. So, for now I will enjoy the random night wakings and welcome that extra time I have to rock my sweet girl in her footie pjs. For now I will enjoy cleaning up mushy bagels and sticky hands. I know that far too quickly I will be watching her drive out of the driveway, dropping her off at college, and helping her get dressed for her wedding! I am so thankful for Lottie and I am so honored that the Lord chose me to be her mommy!!


  1. This is so sweet you are going to make me cry! Love that little girl and watching you be a mommy!

  2. What a sweet post, Haley! Wishing I could meet that precious girl in person! Give her hugs and kisses from me :)