Thursday, November 25, 2010


So, I know it is cliche to do a "thankful" post this time of year but oh well! I have so much to be thankful for and it is never a bad time to share! So, here goes, this year I'm thankful for:
  • My wonderful husband, Micah. He is so patient with me and deals with my emotions and drama with calmness and understanding! Not only does he work hard to provide for our family, he is a huge help around the house-doing far more than his share and WAY more than most husbands! Did you know that he does all of our vacuuming and sweeping and he regularly does the dishes and folds clothes! Yes, I know you other wives out there are jealous! He is amazing! I'm so thankful to be married to my best friend and thankful for a fun and happy marriage!
  • I'm thankful for my precious precious precious baby girl, Lottie! She is such a joy and delight! I never could have dreamed what a joy she would be! We have so much fun watching her play and learn and grow! I feel overwhelmed sometimes at how the Lord has entrusted me to teach her and raise her! I am so lucky to be her mommy and so glad I get to share her precious life!
  • I am thankful for my parents! I have the best relationship with my mom-we talk at least twice a day!! She is the first person that I want to talk to anytime anything happens in my life-I'm so thankful we can share so much! My dad is such a leader and such a role model! He works hard and has always been such a godly example in my life! I have never had to question his love for me and in that I understand my heavenly Father more easily!
  • I'm thankful for my brothers and my sister! Will and Evan were fun to grow up with and I love watching them turn into young men! I am so proud of who they have both become! I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for each of them! I love getting to share my life here in NC with Will and Bekah! I love my sister so much! She is such a fun friend and everything I ever dreamed of for Will! What a fun addition to our family!
  • I'm thankful for my grandparents! I miss my dad's parents and think about them often-holiday's aren't the same without them! I'm thankful to still be able to share the holiday's with my Gran and Bouie, my mom's parents. I am thankful that they know and love Lottie and look forward to spending time with them at Christmas!
  • I'm thankful for my in-laws that I get to share Thanksgiving with this year! Most people don't enjoy their in-laws but I'm blessed! The Messersmith's have welcomed me into their family and they treat and love me like their own. They are encouraging and always offer advice to Micah and I! We always have wonderful visits with them and look forward to each time we can get together! They are always willing to help us and have helped us move at least 3 times! I'm thankful for the support they offer us!
  • I'm thankful for our jobs! In today's world, so many people are searching for jobs or even discontent in their jobs! I love my job and I'm thankful to work with fun women who are also my friends! I'm thankful that Micah has a job that works with his school schedule-i'm thankful that his job has great benefits that provide for our family! I'm thankful that he has fun friends that he works with that encourage him and make his days fun!
  • I'm thankful for our home-the Lord has so provided for us! We have a nice warm home that we can rent while we live here in NC! We have wonderful landlords that are also friends!
  • I'm thankful for our church! We are blessed to be apart of a fun church that is truly a family! We are supported and encouraged by our community group and friends! We love seeing the Lord work at New Covenant Fellowship and thankful to be apart!
  • I'm thankful for my friends-new and old! I may be far away from some of them but I'm thankful for technology and the ability to keep up with the lives of my friends and share our joys across the miles! I'm thankful for my new friends, here in NC and feel blessed to have found friends that I can share this stage of life with!
  • Most importantly, I'm thankful for the Gospel! I'm thankful that the Lord loved me so much to send Jesus! I'm thankful that even though I was lost in my failures, Jesus died so that I can enjoy life with Him forever!
So, I could go on and on! I have a pretty awesome and blessed life! I have more to be thankful for this year than ever before! I love my life and today, I'm thankful!

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