Monday, November 15, 2010

10 Months Old!

Hi! It is Lottie again and I am 10 months old today! I am growing and changing so much now let me tell you all about it...
  • I weigh about 20 lbs now-mommy put me on the big scale in her bathroom and that is what it said!
  • I am still wearing 9 month clothes but lately mommy has been trying some 12 month clothes on me and they are starting to fit!
  • I took my first steps this month!!! I can stand all on my own for up to a few minutes and I can take 2 or 3 steps before I fall! Mommy and daddy think I could walk more if I didn't get in such a hurry!
  • I can push my toy all over the house FAST now and I scream and laugh the entire time!
  • I have a few new words this month-"book" and "Nana" (nana is my daycare teacher)
  • My new favorite foods are mandarin oranges and cheese ravioli! I love almost anything but mommy says I "shovel" those foods!
  • I am a big girl now so mommy only nurses me twice a day-first thing in the morning and then last thing at night. I don't like this at all and sometimes I get angry and throw my sippy cup to let her know that I would rather nurse-but she refuses to give in! She says it is time for me to grow up.
  • I have 7 teeth now--my mouth is getting pretty full!! I smile a lot to show them off!
  • I can dance now and I dance anytime I hear music!
  • It is cold outside now so I sleep in fleece footie pjs! They are soft and warm and mommy loves to snuggle me when I am in them!
  • One of my favorite things to do is help mommy with the dishes! I stand at the dishwasher while she loads and unloads and we chat about our days.
  • My favorite toy is my jack in the box right now! Seeing that bunny pop up never gets old and I laugh and squeal every time!
  • I point to things that I like now and I can sign "more" when I want more food at dinner!
  • I just learned how to clap my hands and play pat-a-cake! It is so fun!
  • I am getting too big for my baby car seat so mommy and daddy are shopping for a big girl seat for me! I can't wait and I hope they find me a pretty one!
  • I am super silly! I squeal and giggle all the time! Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the joy I bring into my house!
  • My mommy and daddy love me SO much! I hear them talk all the time about how they love me more and more everyday!

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