Saturday, January 15, 2011


It is me Lottie again and today is MY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm ONE today and I am so excited!! I will have a big party in a little while and Mommy tells me it will be so fun!! I'm sure she will post about it soon!! Let me tell you about my one year old life!!

  • I wear size 12 month clothes and size 3 shoes (my squeaker shoes are my favorite)
  • I LOVE to eat (as always) and my favorite foods are green beans, peas, and any kind of fruit!
  • Mommy still nurses me at night to help me sleep but she says that today will be my last time-I'm a big girl now.
  • I tried cow's milk for the first time yesterday and I think I like it but I'm not sure yet!
  • Mommy said that I get to try cake today! I have never had sweets so I'm excited!
  • I had a really fun Christmas! I got lots of new toys and I LOVE to play!!
  • I love baby dolls! I got 3 for Christmas and I carry them with me all the time! I rock them and kiss them! Mommy says this is the cutest thing she has ever seen!
  • I am starting to play pretend now! I like to pretend that the tv remote is a phone--I hold it to my ear and say "hedo."
  • I have lots of words now! I say: Momma, Daddy, Cat, Ted, Nana, More, Dog, and more!
  • I also have other words that mommy can't figure out yet! I like to talk and squeal!
  • I am one tickelish little girl! If you tickel my feet or tummy I will giggle until I cry!
  • I like to clap my hands! I clap when I am happy and excited, when I do something good, and when mommy sings "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!"
  • Mommy says I don't obey very well. She says no and I know that I should stop but sometimes it is hard. Sometimes I listen, sometimes it hurts my feelings and I cry, and sometimes I laugh at mommy when she tells me now....she says that she has her hands full!
  • I love my cat! I chase Shadow around the house all the time saying "cat, cat, cat"...he runs from me!
  • I love my mommy so much! I cry when she leaves me sometimes-even if she just walks out of the room! I just always want to be with her!
  • I have started to whine sometimes when I want something but mommy says that for the most part I am a very good girl! I am happy almost all the time and sure like to play with my family!
  • My mommy and daddy love me so much and say that this has been the most joyful year of their entire lives because of me!!!

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