Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 52: Date Nights

For Christmas this year I gave Micah the gift of dates. Micah and I were married for almost 5 years before we had Lottie and had such a fun time together doing all kinds of crazy things. We love being parents and wouldn't trade our precious girl for anything but we have missed some of our alone time! We have not been faithful at finding time for date nights in our new semi chaotic world of parenting and I wanted to change that. I recognize that time alone with Micah is important for our marriage and for the health of our family.

My friend Lindsey told me about Project 52...started by the mom from The idea is that you commit (sign a contract and everything) to 52 date nights with your husband a year...which is one date night a week. Of course it isn't realistic or affordable to find 52 babysitters and go "out" 52 times--at least not in my world! So, the majority of the dates are at home....during naps or after bedtime.

I didn't follow the original plan exactly and even made my own contract but I did plan 52 dates for Micah and I for 2011!! I had to get creative because we can't just watch 52 movies but I have to say I think I came up with some pretty fun dates!! Hopefully we will stay committed and this will be some fun opportunities for Micah and I to make some memories and have fun together! I am hoping to blog about our progress and our date nights at least once a month!!

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