Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Party

I finally have time to update you all on Lottie's birthday party! We had such a special time with our family and close friends! I described the weekend to being very similar to our wedding--we had everyone we loved all together at the same time! Only this time a sweet little 1 year old was the focus of everyone's attention and joy!

The birthday girl had a great day with her "purple baby" in hand---she carries this baby around EVERYWHERE!

The table!!! I am so thankful for my AMAZING mom who worked so hard on making Lottie's birthday everything I every dreamed of! Not only did she host the party at her house, make cupcakes, dip, and help decorate....but she also made Lottie's cake!!!!!

And Lottie loved it of course!!! She was unsure of her first "sweets" experience at first and never got too dirty but she enjoyed the polka dot icing!!!

The birthday girl was spoiled of course...with lots of presents!!!

And, she was able to spend time with lots of special people including daddy's best friends...

All of her friends.....

And ALL of her grandparents!!!!

What a special special day for our family and for our sweet birthday girl!! I know she will never remember this day but I am thankful for photographs that she can look through and know that she is loved by so many people!! Happy birthday baby girl!! Mommy and Daddy love you SO MUCH!!

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