Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project 52: January Dates

Well, month 1 of Project 52: Date Night has been a huge success! Micah and I have really enjoyed having time together apart from chores and parenting duties!

Our first date was a nice relaxing night on the couch! After we put Lottie down we piled on the couch and just talked...we talked through our goals for the year and just spent time catching up on life....
Date #2 was really fun....we stayed up till 1 am watching the Auburn Tigers win the National Championship!! And then, in celebration, we rolled a tree in our front yard!!!

For Date #3 we were able to have a nice night out thanks to the Isham family!!! The Isham's kept Lottie for us while we went to the new Japanese Restaurant in town to try out their sushi bar! I am new to the sushi world and very picky when it comes to my rolls but this was delicious! We had the Friends roll (my favorite), California rolls, and the spicy Dragon rolls (Micah's pick). We practiced our chopsticks skills--Micah is excellent and I am HORRIBLE--but it was fun!
After dinner we went to the coffee shop in downtown Wake Forest to just hang out and chat for a while! It was nice to just slow down and sip some coffee after a long day! So, fun fun date night--plus I had coupons for both stops which made it even better!!!

Date # 3 was a nice treat! Our scheduled date was to watch a movie at home on Tuesday night, but sweet Lottie got sick (ear infection) and needed special attention so plans had to change. We had decided to reschedule our movie date to Saturday afternoon but my sweet sister in law surprised us with a nice night out! She called and volunteered to keep Lottie for us on Friday night so that we could go to the drive in movie! There is a cute "outdoor theater" about 20 minutes from here and we have always wanted to go! We watched True Grit which was pretty good (I'm a tough movie critic) and had a fun night out!!! Because this date was a surprise it was super special! Plus Lottie had a blast hanging with aunt Bekah!
So, Project 52: Date Night is going really well! It has actually been easier than I imagined to find time and make spending time together a priority. I could still find excuses but we are finding ourselves looking forward to each date!

We will see what fun dates February brings!!!! I'm excited about my Birthday date and our Valentines dates!!!

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  1. So glad y'all still have your date nights! I hope when Kirby and I have kids we can be just like you two :))