Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All we do is WIN WIN WIN!!!!!

WAR EAGLE and congrats to the National Champions!!!! We are thankful to be apart of the Auburn FAMILY! Our game watching experience wasn't quite what we hoped it would be but that didn't stop Auburn from the victory!!

We don't have cable at our house and we were supposed to watch the game with our good friends Holly and Andy Broyles....but this not so wonderful winter wonderland kept us home.

upset about not getting to watch the game with friends

Luckily, my husband is a technology dork and we were able to watch the game through our internet connection using a ROKU. The picture was definitely not high definition but we were able to watch the game and for that we were thankful!!

Here are some pictures to recap the night!!!

Ready for kick off!

Learning to use a shaker!

Watching on the edge of our seats....

Teaching her baby doll about Auburn!

Smiles smiles smiles!!!! LOTS OF SMILES!!!

Since Micah and I couldn't be at Toomer's Corner to celebrate we rolled a tree in our front yard!!! And Lottie celebrated the victory with sweet sweet dreams!!!


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