Friday, October 15, 2010

9 months old!

Hi! My name is Lottie and I am 9 months old today! My mommy can't even believe that I am such a big girl and is a little bit sad that I am growing up so fast! Here are some details about my life:
  • I am a big girl now and no one could ever tell by looking at me that I started out at only 5 lbs! I went to the doctor today and weighed 19lbs and was 26 inches long! Those measurements put me in the 70th percentile for weight and the 20th percentile for length. Mommy and daddy love it that I am "squishy" and have lots of rolls!
  • I am right on target with my clothes and I wear size 9 months (just like me)
  • I wear size 3 diapers. Mommy and Daddy just started buying me the Target brand diapers and we like them a lot! They are cute and have polka dots on them and daddy say they save him lots of money!
  • I am quite an active little girl these days! I army crawl all over the house and get into everything! My favorite thing right now is pulling everything out of my mommy's make up bag-I'm such a girly girl!
  • I learned how to say "daddy" this week and completely forgot how to say "mommy"-this makes daddy happy and mommy sad!
  • I go to school every day. Daddy usually takes me and picks me up! I hold his hand in the car and when he leaves me I wave "bye bye." I don't cry when he leaves but I sure do get excited, squeal, and smile when he comes back!
  • I like school! I like to watch and try to play with the big kids! I'm still the only girl in my class so I get a little extra attention!
  • Now that I am a big girl I get to eat off the big kids lunch menu at school! Last week I had tater tots for the first time!!
  • I now prefer standing to sitting! I can pull up on just about anything. Daddy had to lower my mattress last week and mommy has found me standing up in my crib several mornings lately. The world looks better when you are standing up!
  • I can walk now-well, if I'm pushing my toy or holding onto furniture! Mommy calls the "cruising" but it is walking to me! I like being able to walk and I push my toy all over my downstairs!
  • Mommy still nurses me 3 times a day but the rest of the day I drink milk, apple juice, and water from a sippy cup! Bye bye bottles-I'm a big girl now!
  • Mommy is trying to wean me, but I won't let her-I can throw quite a fit when she gets home to get what I want!
  • I feed myself now and eat almost anything! Mommy says I am a messy eater and get food everywhere (my doggy sure does like my messes though). I eat vegetables, fruit, yogurt, cheese, bagels-well I really eat anything!! Last week my daddy gave me a Nilla Wafer and man was that good! Now when I see the yellow box I smile really big! Puffs are still my favorite and are always welcome in front of me!
  • I sleep pretty good these days-I go to sleep at 9pm and usually sleep until 7am. Sometimes I get mommy up in the middle of the night because I talk in my sleep. I can't help it-she puts my paci in my mouth and I usually go right back to sleep. Sometimes I just want to be snuggled so I cry a little longer and then she lets me sleep with her and daddy for a little while! I sure do like that but daddy says we can't make a habit of it!
  • My new favorite toy is my jack in the box! I have sort of learned how to turn the handle to make it go and I can help mommy put the rabbit back in so we can start over! I smile and squeal every time the rabbit pops out!
  • I like books now and I have learned how to turn the pages!
  • I had my first ear infection last week. I never cried and never ran a fever but mommy and daddy felt so sad for me! I actually liked having the ear infection because the doctor gave me some yummy medicine that I got to take two times everyday! I didn't have a problem taking it at all-I actually sucked it out of the syringe!
  • Lately I get hurt a lot- I fall down and hit my head or accidentally hit myself with toys. I never hurt bad but sometimes I exaggerate and pretend cry so mommy will snuggle me a little longer!
  • Last week, daddy let me stand in the shopping cart at Target! It was so fun! I held on tight and got to look at all the toys!
  • By brother Ted the dog is still unsure of me and my brother Shadow the cat tolerates me so I can pet him, then I pull his hair and he runs from me! My animals make me laugh!
  • I give kisses sometimes now! Big, wet, slobbery, open mouth kisses! Mommy says these are the best kisses in the world!
  • I have the best attitude about life and I'm pretty much happy all the time! I smile a lot and laugh a lot!
  • Mommy and Daddy sure are in love with me! I hear them say all the time that they never could have imagined how much they could love me and how special I would be! I am such a fun and happy girl and they are so proud of me!

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