Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family Weekend!

So, this weekend was WONDERFUL! My parents came up from Alabama and we had just a perfect weekend! We are so thankful that my brother Will and his wife Bekah live here in NC with us so that we can truly have our family together whenever mom and and dad come up! We did miss my baby brother, Evan, as he was at a cross country retreat-but I won't complain! I have always enjoyed family time and visits from my parents but now that we have Lottie and we live so far away, the visits are even more special! Mom hadn't seen Lottie since Labor Day and Dad hadn't seen her since July! So, they were SO EXCITED to spend time with Lottie, see all her new tricks, and do "grandparent" things! Friday night I was able to leave work early (thanks Laura for covering for me) and make it home in time for the reunion! I love watching my parents see Lottie for the first time in awhile! I like seeing their excitement and their smiles and I love hearing them giggle at her and talk about how big she has gotten! I also was thankful to be with Lottie when she saw them-she is a bit uneasy around "strangers" these days and since she doesn't see my parents often I was worried of her response!

It was a fun reunion and after only a few moments of uneasiness, Lottie warmed up and was ready to smile and play!

We met Will and Bekah for a yummy and fun dinner in Wake Forest and then spent some quality time at Will and Bek's apartment hanging out! I love family time!!

Dinner at Olive Garden

Saturday morning we got got up early (you don't waste any time when you only have a weekend!) and headed to Hillridge Farms to pick out our pumpkins! This was deemed a "grandparent activity"- we went on a hayride....

acted silly...

and picked out pumpkins!

We had a fun lunch at the pizza buffet and Granna and Pops took Lottie to Target and let her get not one but TWO new toys! We ended the weekend with BBQ (brought from Tate's in Scottboro because we HATE NC bbq) and Auburn football!

Dad was able to get some great pics of Lottie from the pumpkin patch and around the house that I'll post later! The best part of the weekend was just hanging out! My parents enjoyed watching Lottie just be Lottie and play in the floor and go about her normal day!

They got to watch her brush her teeth

And laugh at her jack-in-the-box

It was so nice to have our family here! It is hard being so far away but it makes our time together even better!

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