Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hillridge Farms

Our first Fall here in NC, Micah and I went to Hillridge Farms and had a blast with our friends Lindsey and JR. Hillridge Farms is a neat farm not far from our house that is super kid friendly and full of fall activities! There is a train, a giant slide, a corn house, a petting zoo, etc surrounded by fun colors and music. In the fall, you get a pumpkin and a hayride with every ticket into the farm. So, every person that enters, leaves with a pumpkin!

Anyway, when we first went to Hillridge, Micah and I talked about how much fun we would one day have when we had children to bring with us...well, here we are two years later with Lottie! You better believe that as soon as October rolled around I was already planning our trip to the farm!! Luckily, we were able to work it out for us to go this past weekend with my parents! What a fun time we had! Lottie of course had fun but really didn't know what all was going on, but Micah and I had fun just being there with our baby girl (isn't that what the first year is all about anyway?)! Here are some pictures to capture the highlights of the day!

We went early Saturday to beat the crowd. It was cold outside and Lottie looked so cute her in sweater!! As we walked in, Lottie had a huge grin-it was almost like she knew that something fun was going to happen!

And fun she had!! She went down the "giant slide" with Uncle Will! We were all waiting at the bottom ready to capture what we envisioned would be a giant grin...

Instead we got this!
She quickly recovered and "walked" around the park with a smile on her face!

We took a nice hayride through the farm to pick out our pumpkins.

And of course got some really good pictures in the sea of pumpkins!

Lottie's favorite activity was the swing! There was nothing special about the swing, it was just a simple infant swing on a simple swing set-much like you would find in your neighbors backyard. But, to Lottie, it was as fun as the best ride at Disney World! It was her first time on a swing and we actually waited in line for her spot..and I'm so glad we did! She LOVED it! She smiled and laughed the entire time!!

We ended our trip in the Country Store where Lottie had her first taste of kettle corn (notice the remnants on her chin) and tried on her first coon skin hat!

Thanks Granna and Pops for a fun day!!! And thanks Pops for being the photographer so we could have these great pictures to document our outing!

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