Friday, October 22, 2010

THE Bookcase!

Well, THE bookcase is finally finished and in Lottie's room! See, I fell in love with this dollhouse bookcase when I was planning Lottie's nursery! I think it is just adorable and makes the perfect addition to a little girls room!
The only problem is, THIS bookcase is $400! We in no way could afford that for a bookcase for a baby's room-so, Micah built one for me!! After seeing the picture he decided that he could do it! He started planning it while I was pregnant but we got busy (that is an understatment) and it never got completed. So, a year later-we have a dollhouse bookcase!

Isn't it amazing?! I'm so proud of Micah and I'm so thankful that I have a husband who enjoys working in the shop and is good at what he does! The best part is that by building it, we were able to get the dollhouse we (I) dreamed of for less than $100!! My sweet husband worked so hard and spent many many hours on building the perfect dollhouse for his baby girl!

And, I think she likes it!!! It looks wonderful in Lottie's room! Now, I am able to display some of her "special" toys and I finally have a place to put her growing book collection! The bookcase is super sturdy, so I don't worry about Lottie pulling it down on herself and she finds much enjoyment in pulling everything off the bottom shelves! It is perfect and she will have fun playing with it one day as a real dollhouse! And, of course, it is special! What a sweet gift for Micah to give his daughter! She will keep it forever and maybe one day, her own daughter will play with it!

So, thank you daddy/Micah for all of your hard work! We LOVE the bookcase and we are so proud of you!!

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