Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NC State Fair

One of our favorite things about fall in NC is the NC State Fair that comes each October! When fair week arrives that is all the locals talk about-all of my co-workers and all of my patient's start discussing their favorite foods at the fair, the exhibits, the shows and which night is the best to go! The fair has always been a fun date night for Micah and I and we were so excited to take Lottie! She isn't quite old enough to have the full experience (no, I will not let my 9 month old sample a fried twinkie or a krispy cream cheeseburger) but we were still excited for her to experience the sights!

We headed to the fair on Sunday afternoon! It was quite crowded but that didn't stop us! Micah carried Lottie in a backpack carrier that we found at a yardsale last year and she could see it all! Sweet girl was hardly amused by the prize winning cow, the amazingly designed cakes or the gospel singers on stage but she LOVED the petting zoo! At first she was unsure, then she was scared, and then she fell in love with the goats and other animals! She walked beside me, holding onto the fence squealing and bouncing as the animals walked closer to her! We had so much fun watching her and she ended up being quite a hit with the crowds! Several people would just stop and watch her as she squealed at the animals! She was so cute standing there in her overalls!!

One of the best and most fun parts of the fair is all of the food! We always plan out what we will eat so that we don't spend too much money or completely eat too much! Sadly, Lottie really wasn't old enough to eat the food at the fair, but we wanted her to have some kind of treat...so... we got her a pickle!! You see, Mt Olive pickles are from right here in NC so of course there was an exhibit! We got our baby girl a Kosher Dill pickle and she loved it...well, sort of!! She would take a bite.....

Make a sour face....

And take another bite!!

Don't worry-we didn't let her eat more than a few bites but it was fun to watch!

Lastly, we rode the Carousel! I was determined that even though the tickets are extremely overpriced and Lottie had no real understanding of what was happening, we were going to ride the carousel. It just seemed terrible to take my child to the fair and not let her ride anything. So, we climbed up on a pony and rode away! Thanks Daddy for taking one for the team and staying off to take pictures!

So, fun times at the NC State Fair! This year was fun but I bet next year will be even better!!!

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